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I finally had enough of the poor quality of customer service with UHC.  Both their supplemental plan and drug plan need a make over in properly handling customer questions.  They are extremely frustrating and their phone representatives are not trained well to handle the basic of questions.  For example, my wife and I had to go through multiple hoops to give me authorization to conduct business with UHC regarding my wife.  Each time I had to speak on her behalf, we had to go through a long winded process before they allowed this to happen.  They also do not seem to log their calls so that there's a record of previous issues and how those issues were resolved.  I just off the phone with them trying to get my January premium refunded since I had canceled and gone with another carrier -- for a lot less money and a more reasonable customer service experience.  Their Part D side handled the cancelation without issue but the supplement side was a horrible, frustrating, experience.  Why AARP continues to promote UHC when they have been notoriously lacking in the customer service area not only for Medicare supplements and Part D plans but their standard group insurance health plans.  This seems to be the only way to register a complaint with either AARP and UHC.  AARP needs to service their customers better than to promote a substandard carrier.


I've  had that experience with them & others as well. The problem is the rep/person doesn't really want to go above and beyond, in fact it seems they don't want to do anything. they don't listen and relate to what you are saying.  If you get someone who does that's when you get results. They need to monitor their rep/agents more thoroughly. But then maybe those are the kind of people they want working for them so you or me don't get what is due us without a hassle.

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I wrote a written inquiry to AARP sometime last year inquiring as to how and why they made the decision to promote UHC.  I got a canned response saying AARP has not received any complaints from it's members regarding the services UHC provides.  My question was ignored.  One would like to think that AARP engaged in due diligence when they selected UHC, but likely it has to do with contributions that UHC makes to AARP.  Interestingly, my pension plan promotes UHC.  If enough AARP members banded together and requested transparency from AARP, perhaps our questions would be answered.  I don't think any of us believe there won't be some corruption/fraud in these programs, but we do have a right to know how it is AARP is such a supporter of UHC.

Would you mind sharing who your new Advantage Plan is, and how you chose them?


My wife and I went to an independent insurance broker who reviewed the different supplement and drug plans.  After reading reviews and looking at ratings, we choose a supplement and drug plan from Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL.  Good Luck.

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