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Save on Part D coverage.

Do not assume that United Healthcare offered the best Part D plan.


I've been on Medicare since 2016. Wife continued to work so instead of a Supplement plan I was covered by her plan for healthcare and drugs, in addition to Medicare. She is about to retire and I am  reinstating UnitedHealthcare Plan G plus I need to get a Part D plan. I assumed that United Healthcare would be good for that. Wrong! Their plans varied from $64-$110 / month. Cigna's plans start at $13.50.


I have 6 prescriptions currently. Gave all the information to agents at both companies. United recommended the $110 plan. 3 of the drugs (under this plan) were expensive and I would be better off using GoodRx for buy them. The annual cost (co-pays + premiums) was $3100.


This just seemed really wrong and overly expensive. I priced out all my drugs with GoodRx and came up with an annual cost of $592. But there is a problem. You are fined by Medicare if you don't have a Drug Insurance Plan, so its wise to get a plan.


The big surprise was that Cigna classified 3 of the drugs (that United didn't cover or had higher tiers) as either tier 1 or 2. I chose the cheapest plan $13.50/month. So the annual premium is $162. All of the drugs except one has $0 co-pays. I'll get that one from GoodRx with coupon for $56. My total co-pay cost plus premiums will be $218.


It all depends on what drugs you're using. Our Wellcare plan went from $7.50 a month to six dollars a year for 2024. Our drugs are cheap generics. Get yourself a free broker and meet with them once a year to look at your supplemental plan, and your part D plan. They'll help you find one that works well with your drugs and it won't cost you anything. 

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My AARP united healthcare part D went from $40.90 a month to $78.40 a month beginning in 2024. I can’t get an answer from them why this is a 92% increase! Need to start shopping for another affordable plan. I’m only on one medication and it would be cheaper to buy it out of pocket but Medicare forces you into an a part D plan. I want to know how our politicians figure that cost have gone down! All you hear is that drug costs are going down! How is that possible with these exorbitant increases in premiums. 

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AARP is the worst plan.  They are doubling = 100% INCREASE for 2024 AND DEDUCTIBLE INCREASES.  These folks are skunks.  I recommend AETNA Part D.  My wife has it, the customer support folks are not in India or god knows where, and the formulary and premiums are 1000% better.  The deductible for AARP is going UP to $410 from $350.  Aetna's is going from $505 DOWN to $280 and any copays have been slashed at Aetna.  AARP under the guide of advocacy are really skunks proffering bad policies.  For example, ALBEIT UNRELATED TO PART D, On their Medigap, they hire idiots to process claims so, for example, a cancer patient needing an annual MRI to gauge changes - not covered per AARP part B.

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