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Part D premiums decrease

Read today in the current AARP Bulletin about the average monthly premium for Part D dropping from $32.08 to $31.30 for $2023. I just letting you know that it would be a greater drop except our premiums are so high so as to minimize that amount. Our Part D premiums for 2022 were $80.30 per month, each, for both myself and wife. Our 2023 premiums went up to $95.80 per person. That drives the average up. We live in the U.S. Virgin Islands so I guess that this allow United Heath to charge what ever they want.

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Part D plans are also more expensive in premiums if you choose one that does NOT have a deductible.  Might that also play a part in your higher premiums?  Or it could be that the US Virgin Island has higher health care cost just like places in the mainland.

It's Always Something . . . . Roseanna Roseannadanna
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