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Medicare Customer Service

Since not eligible for Social Security, we have been dealing with Medicare premium payment for a year now without getting any answers.  People we reach on the phone say they can't help and direct us to Social Security who says talk to Medicare.  They canceled the coverage a year ago for non-payment even though $1400 was sent in and have been told they will not return the money.  A bill was received today with no real explanation for the amount billed but had a phone number to call if we had any questions, well that person could not help.  I'm feeling we need to hire an attorney to get this settled.  Is there such a type of attorney that can help resolve Medicare issues?  

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You said you weren’t eligible for Social Security so you don’t have a SS benefit for SS to deduct Medicare premiums - meaning you have to pay them every 3-months.


Since you aren’t eligible for Medicare, you may NOT be eligible for “premium free” Medicare Part A.  

If you don’t qualify for premium-free Part A: You might be able to buy it. You’ll pay either $278 or $506 each month for Part A, depending on how long you or your spouse worked and paid Medicare taxes.


Part B has a monthly premium, in 2023 it is $ 164.90.  That is your share of the Part B cost.  It is usually adjusted each year based on the cost of Part B medical expenses in the program.


There could be other premiums too based on how you get your benefits and your choice of Medicare Prescription Drug Plans. COST of Medicare 


Of course if you are ultra low income some of these premiums MAY BE  paid for you under one of the Medicare Savings Programs. Medicare Savings Program


If you have a higher income ($91K - single). There is also an income based premium surcharge for Part B that is also billed.


Medicare IRMMA premium surcharges - Medicare Cost


SSA  is the authority that handles Medicare sign up and does the billing for Medicare premiums if not deducted directly from one’s SS benefit payment.


Perhaps you should read “Medicare and You 2023”. - it tells you how Medicare works


This linked page tells you how the Medicare billings work - do you have an online Medicare account established? - How to Pay Part A & Part B Premiums


Hope this helps you -  if you have a Medicare Insurance broker, they can answer questions or your SHIP office (State Health Insurance Assistance Program

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@c746105z Have you tried a search for one using your favorite search engine and keywords like, Medicare, attorney? You may want to enter your city and state as keywords too.

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