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Insurance plans !

BCBS dropped the plan I had in 2018. Since choosing a new plan is so confusing it gives me a headache, I chose to let the BCBS agent choose one for me this year. What a mistake that was. The plan has little to nothing useful for me. i'm thankful I don't have major health problems-maybr that's why he apparently wasn't concerned about the benefits his chosen plan offered.

Back to square one for 2020. Anybody have any suggestions on how to choose the best plan for one's needs ? There seems to be a lot of info out there, but

is one more helpful than another ? What worked for you ? Any advice appreciated !  Havea  good fall season &   good health to all !  Heart

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@ss11943859 when you talk to a company rep you will only get what that carrier offers. In Georgia BX is one of 45 or so Medigap carriers and about a dozen MA carriers.


Avoid going direct to a carrier. Avoid "national" brokers. 


You know nothing about their experience. Last week they might have asked if you want to supersize your meal. You will never talk to the same person twice.


You didn't expressly identify your type of plan but I am going to guess it is an MA plan. Managed care, probably HMO but could be PPO of PFFS.


I would suggest looking for an agent IN YOUR STATE who knows the market. Someone with at least 5 years experience in the Medicare market, preferably 10+


Ask friends who they used. Call and INTERVIEW them. Ask questions. Listen to their answers and take notes.


If they are more interested in SELLING you something vs listening to what you want, need and can afford then move on.


Good luck!


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