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Humana Pharmacy Plan Problem

I have been on the Humana pharmacy plan for a number of years. In October I asked to be put on the Humana Walmart Value plan which costs $13.20 per month.  Today my checking account was charged $58 for the Premier plan.


I called  customer service and it was confirmed that it was Humana's fault. However, I was told that as it was after December 7, the plan could not be changed.


I was further told that I could cancel the plan but i would have to pay a Medicare penalty for not having a pharmacy plan.


Do I have any other options?



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Guess you should have doubled checked your choice on your "" site before the 1st premium came due.  How do you and customer service know that it was Humana's fault for the mixup?


Here is how it should have been done -

AARP: Do I have to reenroll in my Medicare Part D prescription drug plan every year? 


. . . . As a first step, pay attention to a letter you’ll receive from your plan in September. This is the Annual Notice of Change that Medicare requires plans to send to all of their enrollees.


. . . .Reviewing the Annual Notice of Change provides you with a basis to compare your current plan with others offered in your area for the following year. You can make this comparison during the annual open enrollment period (Oct. 15 to Dec. 7). You can use the online plan-finder program on Medicare’s website ( to identify the plan that covers your drugs at the least out-of-pocket cost, or call Medicare at 800-633-4227 and ask a customer service representative to do the search for you. 


After making this comparison, if you want to switch to another Part D plan, you can enroll online on Medicare’s plan-finder website, or call Medicare, or call the plan. You do not have to inform your current plan. Signing up with a new plan automatically cancels your coverage from the old one. Your new coverage will begin Jan. 1.  


After making your choice, you can verify that the plan was correctly entered by checking your page.


somarco is right - you have to call and talk to Medicare to see what they MIGHT do for you.  Maybe . . . . if you have some proof that Humana did it wrong.


You do have some rights; just like everybody -  might take some work since you will be working with government but there is a lot of difference between those premiums; especially, I am assuming, that you take few meds and thus don't need the Premier plan. - Your rights in Medicare drug plans 


Yes, if you cancel a plan and don't get another - the penalty will apply

Medicare Part D Late Enrollment Penalty 


It's Always Something . . . . Roseanna Roseannadanna
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