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Re: Healthcare insurance

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I strongly recommend this company American Insurance. I have yet see a better company. 

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Re: Healthcare insurance

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Since you said you were on SSI -


From the Social Security Administration: - Understanding Supplemental SecuritynIncome (SSI) and How it Works with other Government Pr...


From the link -



Many people who are potentially eligible for SSI benefits do not know how receiving SSI affects their benefits or payments from other government and State programs.


In most states, if you are an SSI beneficiary, you may be automatically eligible for Medicaid; an SSI application is also an application for Medicaid. In other states, you must apply for and establish your eligibility for Medicaid with another agency. In these states, we will direct you to the office where you can apply for Medicaid.


more info at the link -

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Re: Healthcare insurance

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I urge you to contact your local AARP office, whether in person or by phone.


They have access to state regulations and expertise, and if necessary, can connect you with reputible experts.


Good luck, Ms Nessa,





Phil Harris, actor and showman, to John Fogerty of CCR: “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
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Re: Healthcare insurance

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If your income is low enough to get SSI then you might as well enroll in Medicaid.  The (2) programs - SSI and Medicaid - usually go hand in hand.


Check with your state's Dept of Social services.  Tell them you are already on SSI.

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Re: Healthcare insurance

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Hi Social Butterfly, thanks for the infromation about the healthcare enrollment, I don't qualfiy for Medicare because i'm not 65, I'm on SSI because I didn't qualfiy for Disable at that time, so I enrolled into a insurance program and I got burned. Now I'm trying to find a new plan, but since I went online to search all I'm getting is a lot of people calling me trying to force me to enroll into their plans. I don't like being pressured into anything. I just need some guiduance on navigating this mess and getting a good plan that will cover my needs as a person with pre-existing conditions who sometimes needs to see specialists that help monitor my Diabetes? Our Government sucks for putting us in this position and we worked hard to get these benefits.

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Re: Healthcare insurance

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How old are you ?  

65 years old  - Medicare


Less than 65 - depends

Have you been on Social Security Disability for 24 months?

if so, you are Medicare eligible.


If not, and you are less than 65, meet citizenship or immigration status, you can enroll in an ACA plan by going to - 2018 Health Coverage Insurance Marketplace  - if your state has its own ACA marketplace exchange, will direct you to it.  The rest of the states use as their ACA marketplace exchange.


Follow it all the way through - if you need more help - contact your state's office of insurance.


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Healthcare insurance

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I need help getting through this enrolling into an affordable insurance. This open enrollment marketplace is very harding and difficult. I signed on to enroll and get a plan and all I'm getting are people calling me trying to make me sign into their plan. I did that and I got burned so I'm kind of leery about this now. If someone can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

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