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Great Experience with OptumRX Today

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Great Experience with OptumRX Today

I had a medication that was ordered and paid for on 4/2.  They said it would be here on 4/8.  Then the arrival date changed to 4/19.  There's a picture of the med inside the order processing page which showed a different generic.


So today I checked the Optum page again and it showed the order on hold saying I needed to call them.  Ugh.

I forsaw a 2 hour phone call where I could not understand a word being said.


Called just now and a woman from the US answered - i was shocked.  I asked whether I had actually reached Optum, lol. She explained my medication was not available from any of the 12 generic manufacturers and this was considered a 'long term' hold but said the original med could be ordered instead.  I suppose this is related to the covid situation - no fault of Optum.


I was transferred to another rep who went through the whole thing with me and the cost was more but I need the med and understood the cost would be more so she went ahead and processed the order for me.


It was a pleasant experience all around.  I could understand every word that was uttered and they understood me.  They were pleasant and knowledgable.  


I couldn't be happier with OptumRX than I am right now.  I felt a need to share this as I have shared negative experiences so its only fair to share the other side of the coin.

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