Filing for Medicare Part A only

Turned 65 today, will still be employed for at least a couple of years, so filing for Part A only. (employer does have more than 20 employees). On the SS Form, it asks if covered under a Group Health Plan (yes) and if covered through current employment (yes).  Date when employment started, 30 yrs ago.  Date employment ended (still employed).  Here is my problem: next question asks when did Health Insurance start?  I've had group health insurance through employer ever since I started (30 years), but employer has had many different health care providers, blue shield couple of years, blue cross couple of years, and others.  So do they want when CURRENT health care provider started, or the original health care plan started?


Thanks, Steve

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Steven, I would talk to the benefits administrator in the office where you work. They will be able to provide clarity on your Medicare application.

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@StevenW450294 employer group health plans almost always start on January 1. 


If you have an HSA you will either want to stop contributions or delay Part A until you plan on retiring.

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