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The YMCA has dropped Silver Sneakers Nov 2020


The YMCA has dropped Silver Sneakers Nov 2020

I got a call in November from my local YMCA that "unfortunately we've lost our Silver Sneakers contract". Well it turns our the YMCA jettisoned their contract renew because they wanted more money from Silver Sneakers. This coming from the "Non-Profit, Community Organization", yeah sure. 


Now the local Y (Houston, Texas) did offer a $30 per month plan to replace SS, which is substantially more expensive than SS itself, and as I primarily use the pool for my exercise, that is actually pretty hard to beat as a deal because of their large lap pool, except for one thing. I also have a Lifetime Fitness nearby which started accepting SS in 2020 and they have  a very nice facility, including a 5 lane pool for lap swimming. 


The other thing is if you just use the gym, there are several competitors out there honoring SS, such as Gold's Gym (have since changed their name Fitness Project?).  I like the Y, but suggest if you are a Silver Sneaker's member, that you go someplace else for your exercise. Maybe the Y will get the message if they really care about serving the communities they are located in.

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