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Delta Dental plan comparison

I hope to find opinions on AARP's Delta Dental plans: DPO Plans A and B compared to DeltaCare USA Plan 15B. Many answers say Delta Dental plans have maximums, but without specifying which plan(s).


But DeltaCare USA shows no annual deductible and no annual maximum. With no maximums, DeltaCare USA seems like the obvious choice. But am I missing something?


The choice is further complicated (at least for me) by the fee structures. It's hard to compare % of the fee to $ against the fee, e.g. 20% vs $20. With no dollar amounts for the comparison, it seems like it's a guessing game. How can I do this?


My questions ignores differences in wait periods percentages.

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Thanks @somarco. But let me add little more detail for everyone. For all 3 plans, I have no problem with the different wait times, different procedures covered, or selecting a dentist in any of the plans. And I have no problem comparing percentages between Plan A and Plan B.

For me the problem is that Plan A and Plan B are percentage based, while DeltaCare is dollar based. But I don't know the cash cost against which to compare.

An example for a procedure that costs $400:

Plans A and B offer 20% and DeltaCare offers $80 - they're the same

Plans A and B offer 20% and DeltaCare offers $120 - DeltaCare costs more

Plans A and B offer 20% and DeltaCare offers $60 - DeltaCare is the best choice

Again, I can't know which is best if I don't know that the procedure costs $400.

Sorry for the long example, I hope this clarifies the issue and that the math is right.

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