Choosing an insurance plan

Confusing ! I'm likely changing plans next year, but finding a new one is no day at the circus. Can't

afford the high premium plans, but the no premium plans don't cover much, as I found out.

Thinking of a low premium plan next. Possibly find a part-time job. Anyone have suggestions as to a good no premium or low premium plan ? Thanks !

Everyone keep safe & well !  🌄

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There is a lot of good information on YouTube videos.  Just go to Youtube and enter in a search.
I was interested in Medigap vs. Medicare Advantage and found many informative videos.You definitely want to watch more than one as some of these are sponsored by insurance companies.

I usually just listen to the audio and take notes.

For MediGap plans the consensus is Plan G vs. Plan N.  Remember that all plans of the same letter designation must offer identical coverage so it usually makes sense to go with the plan that has the lowest monthly costs.

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Since everybody does not have access to the same kind of health insurance plan - you are gonna have to be more specific

  • Medicare ? - What kind - Original Medicare with or without a Medigap or a Medicare Advantage Plan 
  • OR maybe you are talking about a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan?
  • OR maybe you aren't eligible for Medicare yet and you are talking about some type of Individual Policy - Obamacare or something off the Exchange.

Tell ya what -

If it is Medicare - find yourself a good LOCAL Medicare Insurance broker - they write for lots of different companies and can help you find one that meets your needs (and pocketbook).  You do not have to pay them for their service.  But after you find one and they help you out - you will feel like you should pay them for ALL their HELP.  Makes life so much easier to see a good expert - ask around r friends and family to see if they might have a recommendation.


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I just want to talk to someone about various plans without having to give out my personal information.  Just want to ask some questions about the plans.


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@RuthM940163 at a minimum you will need to tell someone your name, age/DOB, zip code and county if you want information. Depending on the type of coverage you seek, they may ask about tobacco usage.


Unless you are turning 65, they will want to know if you are enrolled in Medicare. If you have been on Medicare for a while, they will also ask about your health.


When folks call me I make sure to get their phone number in case we get disconnected. I will also ask for their email so I can send them information.


Sometimes folks call and they don't want to give even the basic information.


Those calls don't last very long. My time is too valuable.



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Came back to add this link which I saw after posting a reply to you - the link might be helpful to you and your search -

CNBC 10/23/2020 - Here are tips from financial advisors for getting your Medicare coverage right 

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Have you looked into high-deductible Plan G? That's a good alternative to the standard Plan G and you won't lose any benefits as you do with Medicare Advantage zero-premium plans.

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