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2022 Generic Copay with PDP, Wellbutrin, Synthroid

Thought I had seen it all during the "window shopping" phase. Today I saw something I have never seen in all the years I have been running drug reports.


Generic Wellbutrin (bupropion) copay on a $13 drug plan is $384 for a 30 day supply. GoodRx $14 with Kroger.


Generic Synthroid (levothyroxine) is $150 on the same plan. GoodRx + Kroger = $13.


Be careful out there.

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I ran a plan finder search for those drugs using a 30311 Fulton County zip code, and compared a $6.90 and a $12.90 premium per month PDP. I found those plans using a preferred in-network pharmacy or mail order would cost between $2300 and $3000 annually.


Then I searched the prices for those same drugs using the Kroger Rx savings price as you mentioned and you’re right there is a big savings. As a matter of fact, I found the levothyroxine at Kroger for $6 a month and the bupropion for $13. I couldn’t believe it.


Just to see how drug prices compare across the country, I searched using a central Ohio zip code. I found those same drugs using the PDP plans I think you used (going by premium prices) between $300 and $400 per year. I couldn’t believe the difference in drugs prices between the two zip codes. I didn’t bother to check Kroger Rx savings prices.


Still only paying $36/yr individual plan, or $72/yr family plan for membership in the Kroger Rx savings plan you can save quite a bit of money with certain prescriptions.


Any tier 3,4,5,6 prescriptions purchased without going through a Medicare PDP will not count towards your 2022 Medicare PDP $480 deductible


I noticed beginning last year most of the big box store pharmacies became preferred in-network and started charging lower prices for prescriptions. I guess whatever it takes to bring people into the store.


Even though it’s possible to use prescription discounts like GoodRx to find lower cost drugs I know you do educate Medicare age folks about the Part D late-enrollment penalty. Just in case they think they got GoodRx and don’t need to pay $6.90 to have a low-cost PDP.


There is a lot of people paying that late enrollment penalty for not having a prescription drug coverage because they thought GoodRx would cover all their drugs at reasonable prices, they don't always have the lowest prices..

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