2 insurance coverage redundant?

My mother have AARP/uhc medicare advantage (started 1.1.2019) + BCBS standard PPO (started 1976, just a standard health insurace before her medicare kicked in).

I've noticed that BCBS does not pay for anything for a long time while she is paying  a premium. Meanwhile, UHC so far haven't billed my nother anything.

Should she cancel BCBS?


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Since she got the BCBS PPO in 1976, it does not sound like it is a Medicare plan - 

Is it an employer plan which switched to a retirement health coverage from the employer when she retired and went on Medicare?  You said it was just a regular health plan - BCBS PPO - from 1976, I don't see how this could be an individual plan. - How Medicare works with other insurance 


Sounds like a mess; glad you are helping her out.  Give us more details on the BCBS PPO plan.



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@Geezermonous your mother has 2 primary plans. No idea how that happened. When you enroll in a 2nd one they are supposed to notify Medicare to cancel your earlier one.


UHC is NOW primary, the BCBS is as if it did not exist which is why it isn't paying anything.


She needs to ask for a premium refund from BCBS. At most they will probably refund 12 months which is better than nothing.


Log into her MyMedicare account and verify that the only plan showing is UHC.

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You're only allowed to have ONE Medigap plan. You can only have a 2nd plan if that 2nd plan is within its 30 day "look for free" period.


Your mother can call BCBS to cancel but should also send a certified letter to BCBS to cancel the plan.


My mother's BCBS insurance originated from my father's OPM sponsored, FEB BCBS.

I've decided to suspend FEHBP because she is now enrolled in a MEDIcare Advantage healh plan and Medicare says BCBS won't pay for any claims as long as she have UHC advantage.

I called OPM and they will send a form to fill out to cancel BCBS. 
Thanks everyone who contributed to the solution and hope this might help someone in same situation.

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