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Wed Sept 4th Welcome To The Bonus Game

Hi Everyone, Convertiblegal was our Winner last night, So we move to the Bonus Game, We are playing picnic-table.gif Picnic Table, Here are your numbers>


B-11  I-19  G-49  N-41  O-65


N-45  B-1  O-70


G-58  I-30  B-6  N-31


Good Luck, Sorry about the late post, was mowing the back lots and forgot about the time, I'll check back soon, Jen

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Only one number for me tonight. Got home from church and sat down and fell asleep, and remembered I didn't get my numbers.
See you in a few hours.
Charonanne E Kading
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As Dorian is looking for a friendly place along the eastern seaboard to crash in, we are watching Juliet in the Pacific. She's quite far from our island chain, thank God. Our weather people are saying that we have a lower than normal nuisance from the hurricanes this year. I hope they're correct. It seems that Meteorology is only good at collecting data. Their prediction records are dismal. (In the case of Dorian, it's a blessing.)

WTG convertible gal !

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Wow! Thank you Lord for taking Dorian away from coastline in our area. That hundred miles made the difference and all we got was some wind and light rain. 

Prayers for Donna, our newest member who is much further down the coast of Florida than I am and got way more trouble than we did here in the north.

I got only one number so no help tonight. Good luck to everyone in the bonus game.

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Hi so relieved the storm really did not do much here either. Just wind gusts but no damage by me. I just got back on to check the numbers as I was helping some people with storm preparations and now I gave all my supplies to the fire station to send to the Bahamas.

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Very happy to get this news. That was great of you to donate your supplies and I never thought of going thru the fire department. I will have to keep that one in mind.
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Congratulations to our winner🎉🎉  Jen I - 28 was called yesterday any way I did get a few numbers.

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Thanks ladyfox58, just ignore that number, I will remove it from my post, I only meant to call 12 numbers anyway..Jen
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