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Hi Everyone, prisonnurse06 was our winner last night.

We start the Bonus Game, we are playing mountains%20high,%20valleys%20low.jpg Mountains High, Valleys Low

Here are the numbers for tonight.

O-61 B-11 N-31 G-55 I-16

I-29 N-34 B-6 O-71 G-56

B-15 G-52 N-45

GOOD LUCK, I'll be back soon, Jen

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Only 5 away from the Bonus bingo (that's 50%). And 15 days from Thanksgiving , yet I still have no idea what everyone wants to do in my extended family.  My old man said that if there's no consensus, the two of us will "Denny" it. 


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I only got 1 number tonight and needs a few more

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I am two away from the Bonus. Good luck everyone.

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Good evening everyone. Jen I didn't scroll down far enough to find the second post.

There is rain in the area and expecting thunderstorms tonight but should be done with by midnight.

Cold front tomorrow.

I got one number tonight.

See you all tomorrow. 

Charonanne E Kading
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Okay I will be optimistic and say I have the Valleys Low so now I need the Mountains High. Half way there. Nice day today we are warming up but only for a couple of more days and then the chill comes back. Good luck everyone.

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Absolutely no numbers tonight (in the right place anyhoo). Have 4 from the previous days. Oh well, that's the way the balls fall.  🌄 Good luck everyone.

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For those of you who check early. yes there were no numbers, I was in the process of typing  them, hit the wrong thing, and poof away they went, had to retype it, but numbers are

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I know. I checked a few times. I meant I had absolutely no numbers that you called that were in the right place. 😊 Just happened to coincide.

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