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Hi Everyone, Overcast here, it's trying it's best to rain, had a brief shower a while ago, they have us under a thunder storm watch till 8pm, so we will see..

SassiLady and miliannie were our winners last night, so we are starting the Bonus Game, We are playing the Letter N, No Ns in this one>letter-N.gif HERE ARE YOUR #s>


G-47  O-61  B-7  G-52  I-16


I-30  B-15  I-24  G-55  O-73


I-18  B-1  O-69


GOOD LUCK, I'll be back later, Jen

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I will need until Friday to achieve this N game.. What I have now is a shrunk H, as my I and G columns are full.
Of course, I'd like to see someone else win before Friday.
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Still need a few more #   Congrats to our winners yesterday 

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Got six numbers tonight but need alot more for an N will see what tomorrow brings.Good luck everyone and stay dry,it's raining here and they say more to come.

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Again congrats to both our winners.  No N for me tonight. Yes, my prayers with all the family of the shooting victims & the people of the London fire.

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Congratulations to both of yesterday's winners !! I got a few more numbers today, it's beginning to look like rain coming out way now.

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Congrats to our winners. It was humid and hot today, I think we may get showers it sure feels like it. Prayers to those people who got shot by another idiot in Virgina, and to the people in London England in the high rise apartments. A lot of people have loss love ones, and others are thankful their love ones can come home.
See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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Congratulations to miliannie on her win.

My apologies ladies (and gentlemen) just in case because you never know. I said I would be back and that just didn't happen.


Only 1 tonight and I am not complaining. Our temps haven't been too high although they are getting up there but the humidity has been terrible. Way too muggy.


I have had a weird week I had a doctor appointment on Tuesday and just as I was finishing up dressing they called to cancel. They gave me a time for Wednesday, which is today. I was trying to make my hair presentable when they called and cancelled and she gave me another for Thursday. Wouldn't you know about 2 hours later they called to cancel that one also. My primary's husband is ill and in the hospital so now she will be out until the 27th so I won't hold my breath but I have another appointment for the 28th. I really think this is the appointment from hell and glad it is only a follow up and that I am not sick as I would hate to have to see someone else in the office.

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