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Hi Everyone, Still living here in the frozen sort of melting, messy tundra !

Sun tried to poke it's head out, but didn't quite make it !

Here are the numbers for tonight, waiting for someone to yell Bingo.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

I-17 G-53 B-2 N-38 O-66

B-15 I-29 G-49 N-45 O-61

N-32 G-60 I-19 Good Luck, I'll be back in a bit Jen.

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Congrats Winners!! I am freezing. Our furnace is out!! 😨  Waiting for repairs.

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Sorry to hear. Hope it is fixed soon.

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I'm way late but I did show up 😊 I see we have some winners Congrats to both of you 🎉 I got 2 numbers which didn't help me any.


WOW!!!! I had 7 numbers tonight and I still didn't get a bingo though lol


Way to go to all the winners!!!

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Congratulations to Sandy and Mary R. great job ladies.

I'm still waiting on the one that got away. Ha,ha.

Good luck in the bonus game everyone.

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Nothing for me. Congrats to all the winners. Got my car back from the shop finally. Will see how long it lasts. Have a great night everyone.

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Hi Jen, I have a bingo also on card #70, 5,27,43,53, &66, and congrats to the other winners, have a Blessed night 

Mary Riley
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Hi Mary, good to hear you yell Bingo ! 

congrats.jpg You are the 2nd Winner !

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Congrats to @mr67205064 . 

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Good evening everyone. Congrats to @convertiblegal55  for the win in this bingo game. I had 3 areas where I only needed one more, oh well, I will have to wait for the bonus game.

Jen you have the cold and I have Spring in Lake Worth Texas for the next two weeks. It is still cold in the morning but warms up fast during the day. 

Last night I went to a concert that my grandson Coleman was the soloist for the Texas Christian University (TCU) Orchestra and it was amazing. This young man plays the saxophone and so talented. The whole family was there to cheer him on, and we took up a whole row of seats, and close to the front where he could see us. It was the first time he had both grandmas there, and he was surprise to see us, as the parents didn't tell him we were coming. 

You all take care and stay warm and healthy. 

Charonanne E Kading
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Bingo Card 63

B 5, I 16, Free, G 47, O 61


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Congrats @convertiblegal55 .

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bingo%20trophy%20new.jpgTHIS IS A GOOD BINGO Sandy !

You are the 1st Winner congratulations_fireworks.gif


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@jen43 I like the purple lettering!

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