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Hi Everyone, We had two Winners last night, convertiblegal55, and Mary Riley.

We are playing 4 Postage Stamps>clover-leaf.gif No N's in this one. Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-8 B-12 I-26 I-30

G-46 G-52 O-71 G-57

O-75 O-69 B-1 I-23 B-4

GOOD LUCK, I'll be back soon,Jen

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Off to a good start on this one. 6 numbers in the corners. Furnace is fixed and I'm thawing out from being an icicle lol. Good luck everyone!

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Glad it is fixed and you are warming @TheSuzyQ .  @jen43  and @SassiLady , I know what you mean.

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Wow, glad you are getting warm. I know how it feels, been there, done that.

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Hi Suzy, glad you are warm again, I hate being cold, the older I get the colder I

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These numbers helped me get 1 stamp  need plenty more for the others.

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Good evening everyone. It reach 68 today in Lake Worth Texas. There will be a cold front coming through on Saturday and Spring will end and winter will be back.

I got more numbers tonight that I have all week. 

You all take care and stay warm and healthy.

Charonanne E Kading

Bingo_B8, B12, B11. B4


You have to get all 4 postage stamps

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@im2bizzieYes all four if you are asking.


@SassiLady wrote:

@im2bizzieYes all four if you are asking.


Thanks, but I wasn't asking. I understood the bonus game. I was responding to @pg14149760. She said she had a bingo because she had a bingo with 4 B's, unless I read it incorrectly. But thank you 😊

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No bingo yet. Hope you feel better soon @SassiLady . Good luck to all. 

One of my cats has a hematoma in his ear. Has to have surgery Monday.

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Prayers that all goes well with him.

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Thank you so much @SassiLady .


I only had 3 numbers and still need 6 more 

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I need three more numbers, not staying on, have a silent/aural migraine in progress and it is difficult to see. Don't worry I get them all the time. Good luck everyone.

Oh, we started out with 34 this morning and made it to 61, just saying. Not going to be as cold tonight.

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Feel better soon SassiLady.

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