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Wed Feb 10th Our Game Continues

Hi Everyone, Is it too early to wish for Spring ? All this white and gray and cold is depressing !

Here are the numbers for tonight>


I-19  N-37  B-14  G-51  O-66


B-11  G-60  I-27  N-34  O-72


I-16  B-2  N-44


Good Luck, I'll check back in a bit, Jen

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Oh I with you - single digits are the pits!

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Good evening everyone. Sassilady sounds like me with things showing up on her computer. My son says I can get more things on my computer that I don't want and can't remember how it got there.

It is cold today, the Arctic Blast is still with us, but no rain or snow yet. Jen I am like you waiting for Spring, but I will probably get it before you, this weather never last long.

I almost forgot I have a bingo.

CARD 93 

B 5, B 14, B 3, B 10, B 8. Boy was I surprised.

You all take care and congrats to who ever else wins this game. Stay safe and healthy. 

Charonanne E Kading
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OK, Charonanne.  You rock!  Congrats on scoring that bingo.

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congratulations PRISONNURSE06 !

This is a GOOD BINGO !


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Honored Social Butterfly

I finally have a wait, so I am sure someone will yell tonight. Jen I wish I could send you some sunshine, but I don't have any yet. It is very dreary here and if the weatherman was right when I looked yesterday we will have more of the same tomorrow.

LOL, I don't know how this happened, but I now have two cursors. I guess I had better go back to the settings and see if I can figure this out, but not until tomorrow. Good luck everyone.

Honored Social Butterfly

Just had a shower blow thru real quick, I got 2 numbers today...I know we should be hearing a Bingo from someone today. Good luck!

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