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Hi Everyone, First of all, I edited last nights numbers,the correct numbers are >N-45 and G-47.. thats what I get for typing in a dark

Well our temp got up to 16, right now it's 11,I need some sunshine !

Here are the numbers for tonight>


B-13  N-32  G-53  I-30  O63


G-58  O-70  B-5  N-39  I-17 


N-42  B-1  O-69

Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen


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Well I have a total of 6 numbers so far and no two are together, in short, it will take a miracle for me to get a bingo. LOL!!!

Weather wise, I would send you some sunshine gladly Jen but we haven't had any all day and it doesn't look any better for tomorrow. We had rain most of today with a few T-storms thrown in just for fun. Looks like we will be dealing with temps averaging from the low 60's to the mid 70's for the next week. Before you ask, yes more clouds and more rain. Since I moved here 7 years ago this is the wettest winter I can remember.

Good luck everyone.

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My bingo card looks like a politically doctored ( gerrymandering) map to prevent me from getting a bingo!

Honored Social Butterfly

Well the N -45 did help me out a bit, I got 6 numbers today and waiting in 3 different places.

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Good evening everyone. It is very cold here in Texas, that Arctic Blast has finally reached us, and will be here for about a week.

I got a few more numbers, and a couple of hopefuls, but I have a feeling we will be playing a bonus game tomorrow.

Jen I can relate to typing in the dark, I once did entire report that way and after printing it found 5 errors. Needless to say it was the last time I typed in the dark. I was too lazy to get up and put the light, instead used the light from the hallway.

You all have a great night and stay safe and healthy, and warm. 

Charonanne E Kading
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