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Hi Everyone, convertiblegal was our Winner last night, so get ready for the Bonus Game, We are playing>

outside-picture-frame.gif  Outside picture frame.

Here are the numbers for tonight>


B-6  I-27  G-58  N-35  O-75


N-43  B-14  I-29  G-52  O-70


B-1  N-31  I-20


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen

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First a belated congratulations to convertiblegal on her win. WTG woman.


Finally here, but a day late and a dollar short, that's what my mom a would tell me. Yesterday was a total SNAFU. I was sick as a dog Tuesday night and Wednesday was my laundry day but I was really dragging myself around to get it done. I got a message from my doctor to pick up the order for my x-ray but they also told me, because of the diarrhea and vomiting not to come in to pick it up until I had a Covid-19 test. Well they told me where to go and gave me the phone number to call. It was all in Spanish, duh? Thankfully I looked the place up online and used the number there and hooray English. LOL.

Told me they tested at 3 and 5 and then she said I should be there by 2:30. Well I was 5 minutes late and they said I had to wait until 5. It wasn't as if they had a line or anything. Never said if I didn't make it by 2:30 that they couldn't do it until 5, after thinking it over I decided to wait it out which had to be done in my vehicle as they don't let you wait inside.  The people at the testing site told me I didn't have enough symptoms and I didn't think so either but since my primary told me to get tested that was what counted. I will have the results by late today. They check your temp, oxygen & pulse in the vestibule, which is as far as you are allowed to go. All other communication is done by phone while you wait in your vehicle. First call I got was because my heart rate was high, well yeah I was going to a strange area, missed my turn off because I couldn't read the street sign in time to get in the turn lane, had to go down and turn around, then missed the entrance to the place, bus was in the way, so had to turn around again, so yes my pulse was fast and I was aggravated because the lady never said if I didn't get there before 2;30 I would have to wait until 5. My blood pressure was probably high also. Grrrr.  I ended up waiting two and a half hours in my vehicle because I was five minutes late. Anyway by the time I got home and had dinner and finished up some laundry I am afraid Bingo wasn't on my mind, only going to bed and getting some much needed sleep.  

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WTG convertiblegal! That's a Tuesday Bingo yet!


Maybe a bingo is not in the card for me this week. Can't even get a straight line or 4 corners even with today's numbers. There are two more days for me to wrap around this one. 😷

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Close here but no cigar! I missed it 2 ways by 1 number. I needed B1 for the Bingo but it was B2 that came up! Oh well, that's just how it goes sometimes.


Covertiblegal, put your top down please and take me for a spin? Just teasing ya! Congratulations! I didn't even see you were out there. Are you sure your lights are working? Beep beep!   😊

It's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice.
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I just got home from church and before going to bed, decided to check for my numbers. I see we have a winner. Congrats to convertiblegal on the win.

I got a few more numbers tonight. See you all tomorrow. Good night. 

Charonanne E Kading
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Where is everyone, it's after nine here, y00 h00, guess you all are busy ?

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Congratulations to convertiblegal🎉 got a few more numbers for the outside frame.

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