Honored Social Butterfly


Hi Everyone, SassiLady I hope you are feeling better.

I spent part of my day doing a little Christmas shopping, it was a little crowed, but everyone was masked and so friendly, I did a good deed, directed a man to the correct area to find baking soda, he came back and thanked me.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-15  B-2  I-17  I-28  N-41


N-34  G-60  G-49  O-66


O-71  N-39  N-44  G-57


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen


Regular Social Butterfly

I could claim amnesia and yell straight line bingo three times.  But so could a lot of our bingo friends.  As for the bonus game O, I'm missing 3 tiles.


Ladyfox mentioned something that resonated with me.  I didn't, nor do I plan to, buy anything.  I can't keep up with what's in what's out. After I discovered that most of my gifts went to Goodwill, I decided not to spend the effort buying  any Christmas presents, and perpetuate the charade of appreciation.  So wine for the adults, money for kids.

I hope the children would not buy me anything either.  I have no storage, no display nor hanging space in our tiny apartment. We prefer a (1 only) gorgeous potted orchid plant or a dining certificate to a unique restaurant from their combined effort.

Honored Social Butterfly

I am just about back to normal, thanks to everyone asking. Just need to wait for the results of the covid-19 test.

I am still lacking 5 numbers so on to tomorrow.

Good luck everyone.

Regular Social Butterfly

Jen that was nice what you did for that person. I have started my Christmas shopping but so far it has been online. I am hesitant about going out to do Christmas shopping, but I guess if I can get my groceries, I can do that as well.

I am sorry to hear about Sassilady not feeling well, I hope she get better soon.

I got a few more numbers today to help me with my frame. 

See you all tomorrow. Stay safe. 

Charonanne E Kading
Honored Social Butterfly

I don't have much buying to do this year, only 3 small ones to buy for.I didn't get any numbers to fit the frame today.

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