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Hi everyone, we had 2 winners last night-SassiLady.and Ladyfox58!

Here comes the BONUS GAME>letter-E.gif  Letter E.

B-4 I-26 N-32 G-57 O-73

O-67 I-22 B-14 G-49

O-63 I-30 B-1-and N-34 

GOOD LUCK,I'll be back in a bit Jen.


Hi everyone.....another beautiful day in TN 😁


I only had 3 numbers. Still need 6 more for the bonus bingo. But I did go to my community bingo today and won $5.00 😀

Honored Social Butterfly

Thanks for the congrats and the kudos everyone.

I got one number tonight, but one is better than none, I think.

My van came back home about 1:30 and total bill was $250. Now I have to make two more appointments to make up for the two I missed, LOL.

Good luck everyone.

Regular Social Butterfly

Congratulations to the winners of the regular bingo.


Jen - N42 was called on Monday.  A replacement would be nice, though it's not going to change anything for me as I am too needy--6 too be exact.

Honored Social Butterfly

Hi miliannie,since I posted 14 numbers tonight insted of 13, we will just get rid of the second one, thanks Jen.

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Was hot again, but expecting storms. Had to get off last night, we had some lightning. Very little rain. But I will take it. 

Congrats @SassiLady and @ladyfox58 . I had to get off last night and missed it, but posted today in yesterday's thread. Sorry for everyone's car woes. I had mine already and hope I don't have to do that again. Bad enough hubby and I have to take ourselves into "the shop". 😊 Good luck everyone for the "E".

Recognized Social Butterfly

Good evening everyone. It is 92 and very very warm. With the temperatures up my arthritis will be bothering, yes mine bothers me in the hot weather not in the cold weather.

SassiLady I read your post from Tuesday and sorry to hear about all the trouble you are having with your car. I took my car in today and thought they would be replacing the rotor pads, but he showed me the brake rotor that was so rusted it was amazing it was still together. I took one look at it and said this car has been up North in the winter. I realize what a car looks like during the winter from many cold days in Canada. He is one of the owners and since I have been going there since 2008 he gave me a 40% discount and I finally got my car back after paying $454.00, but hopefully that is all I will need. My car was a rental before I had it. 

I got a few numbers to build my "E" tonight. Congrats to yesterday winners. 

See you all on Thursday before I go to church. 

Charonanne E Kading
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