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Hi everyone, nice and cool in here.

Did a little work in the flower beds,but only in the shaded areas.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

N-40 O-61 I-24 I-19 O-65

B-12 N-36 O-70-N-45 B-2

G-52 B-8 G-54 and I-16

Good Luck,I'll be back soon,Jen.

Honored Social Butterfly

Congrats to SassiLady 🎉 and I will be joining her with a Bingo on Card # 152 across B - 12, I - 20, N - 40, G - 51, O - 64

Honored Social Butterfly

congratulations_fireworks.gif   Ladyfox58!


Social Butterfly

Congrats @ladyfox58 . I missed this too by getting off computer early.

Honored Social Butterfly

CONGRATULATIONS ladyfox, and that was the hard way, five numbers. WTG lady!

Honored Social Butterfly

I have a bingo on card# 151

B-11 & 2

O-75 & 61 this was entirely unexpected, but a nice end to a very bad day.

Left home for a 4pm appt for therapy, about 1-1/2 miles from home car was beeping at me, it was overheating. I pulled off and into a parking area for some business and got parked in a shady spot and turned it off. Called and cancelled my appt. as I wasn't going to drive another 8 miles and get stuck somewhere further from home. Called my son (great guy thankfully). Told me sit for 30-45 minutes and let it cool off as he had a video conference shortly and would call me when it was done. When he called me back he told me where to take the car, and it was on the way back home so that was great and he met me there. It was a mechanic that does a lot of his work and the guy that replaced two motor mounts and a transmission mount and fixed the AC on my van when I was in rehab. Saved me beaucoup money. We left the van and came home and then I had to cancel a dr appt. for tomorrow. There just isn't any winning these days. Oh except here that is. Good luck everyone.

Honored Social Butterfly


bingo%20trophy%20new.jpg THIS IS A GOOD BINGO ! YOU ARE THE 1st WINNER!

I missed this too last night! Way to go,sorry about your car trouble.

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Wow @SassiLady , congrats. I had to get off the computer early so I didn't see this. Sorry about your car. I know how it is and how you feel.


So sorry to hear about your bad luck with your car today, but excited you had great luck with BINGO!  Congratulations!! 👏😁

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Got 5 more today, but they don't want to hang out with others.  That means I can't have a bingo!

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Good evening everyone. It is 90 feels like 97 and very windy and sunny. The humidity is low thank goodness.

Today I met at the library for my knitting and crocheting group and we had two new members and at one time one of the Librarians came to our room wondering why we were laughing and we said we were sorry for making noise and she said no we love it. 

I got a few more numbers but it will take a miracle to get a bingo with this card. 

You all take care and see you tomorrow.

Charonanne E Kading

I had 5 numbers tonight....I only need two different numbers for two different bingos. Maybe tomorrow.

Social Butterfly

Got 2 numbers. 104F today. Stayed in and did chores. Watched them work on the hole in the street for a bit. They will be back. Poor neighbor is hating the small area to get into his driveway with the big metal plate and the orange barrels. Told him he can park in front of our house. I guess he doesn't like to walk across the street. 😊 Good luck all.

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