Honored Social Butterfly


Hi Everyone, SassiLady was our winner last night.

Tonight we start the Bonus Game, we are playing

Letter N, no N's in this one.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-1 B-8 I-18 I-22 G-54

G-46 O-62 O-72 B-15

O-63 G-49- O-75-and I-28

GOOD LUCK, I'll be back soon, Jen

Regular Social Butterfly

It's all the B -O burden.  Both columns need more numbers.  Stay warm every one. 

As for us here on the islands, the rain storms did pour way too much water,  up to 15 inches during the 2 days.  Tree limbs, leaves, brushes and lots of soil got washed down the mountain side onto the beach and out to the sea.  Brown water still rings around the islands.  It will take another day or two for the ocean to render our beaches bathers friendly again.  We have a saying for our water "If it's brown, stay out." 

Honored Social Butterfly

I got 2 numbers for the letter N only need a couple more... good luck to the rest of you 🤞

Honored Social Butterfly

Thank you all. Tonight I am 2 closer but still a way to go for the N. Good luck everyone.

Recognized Social Butterfly

Good evening everyone. Congrats to SassiLady for her win yesterday. I came last night later as I went to a concert where my grandson Coleman was the soloist at his high school that he had attended. He nows goes to TCU, getting a degree in music performance.

I got a few numbers to help me with my "N". Now I am going to try something here and hope it works and that is try to put the video of my grandson's performance at Chisholm High School in Saginaw Texas. I tried but AARP won't let me.

You all have a great night. 

Charonanne E Kading
Social Butterfly

Got 2 numbers for the bonus game. We finally made the cherry pie today. Yum. Just wanted to say congrats again to @SassiLady . Good luck to all on the bonus game.

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