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Hi Everyone, Well the cold weather is back, dropping into the teens tonight, its already cold , in the 30's.

Here are the numbers for tonight.>

N-32 B-10 I-20 G-56 - O-65

B-5 - I-25 - G-52 - N-39 - O-74

G-47 - B-13 - N-43.

Good Luck, tree is up lights are on, almost done with the ornaments, that's the fun part.

Enjoy, I'll be back soon, oh. I did take a break and made some Banana Bread, had some while it was still warm, yum.

Honored Social Butterfly

It's 69 here in NE FL and we had a partly cloudy day. We are going to be in the low 70's until Friday and then they are saying 81. This roller coaster is killing my arthritis. I got five numbers but they are all scattered so have a long way to go.

Good luck everyone.

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Cold and windy last night. Rearranged some yard stuff. Cold today but not as windy. Got a few number, not going to plan an acceptance speech just yet. 😊 I like warm bannana  bread with some butter. Tomorrow we will make a cherry pie or a pecan pie (hopefully). Good luck to all. 

Honored Social Butterfly

Love both those pie's, and I ate my warm bread with butter.!

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It's rainy and gray in Hawaii Nei, with flash flood warning in parts of each island. We had Clam chowder with our hamburgers for lunch today.  Perfect comfort food when it's "cold" and dreary outside.  Now, if only we could have a slice of Jen's warm Banana bread!!!!!

Honored Social Butterfly

miliannie, I would have shared with you all, it is so good.

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Honored Social Butterfly

We dropping down into the 30's tonight, I got 4 numbers so far.... good luck everyone 🤞

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