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Hi Everyone, The heat is back on outside !

But it has been cooling off at night.

Good news for me, got my new glasses this morning.

Now I can read my books without cheaters..yea !

Just took my own peach cobbler out of the oven, it looks good, my neighbor gave me some of his peaches.


Here are the numbers for tonight >

B-12  N-31  I-17  G-48  O-61

G-55  B-4  N-45  I-30  O-75

I-21  N-35  B-9

GOOD LUCK, I'll be back soon, Jen

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CHARONANNE (Wow three bingos)





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Congratulations to the winners (4 at this time).


I would have a bingo, had the right number been called!  Haha!  It's like saying, I would have been Miss America if I were better looking. 

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Looks like we have four winners, I'll be back later. No bingo for me.

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BINGO in this corner of the Bingo hall!

card #85

B-4, I-25, Free, G-46, O-75

Congratulations to the other winners.

@jen43 Please save me a piece of that peach cobbler. 🥧

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bingogirl.gif  CONGRATULATIONS Linda ! You are the 4th WINNER!

This is a GOOD BINGO ! Note, The cobbler was really good, wish I could share.

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Hi Jen, I have a bingo also on card #87, 10,19,48,63, and congrats to the other winners, have a Blessed night

Mary Riley
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Good to hear you Yell Bingo Mary !


YOU ARE THE 3rd WINNER tonight !

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Looks like we have 2 winners so far Congratulations to Convertiblegal55 and prisonnurse06 🎉🎊 I got a lot of numbers but they didn't land in the right spot.

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Good evening everyone. It has rained all day, and the sun came out briefly but it looks like rain again. The air is very humid.

Jen I have 3 BINGOS


B 10, I 22, FREE, G 55, O 68

N 45, N 31 FREE, N 36, N 35

B 9, I 16, FREE G 57, 0 70

I don't know if I have ever got three bingos before, I was one number away from getting four.

Congrats to any other winners of this game.

I usually go to church on Wednesday but our Bible Studies has been changed to Thursday so I may be late getting my numbers tomorrow. 

Have a great night.

Charonanne E Kading
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WOW prisonnurse06,  3 BINGO'S

ibingo%20congrats.jpg Enjoy your big win, have a Good Night

You are the 2nd WINNER !

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Jen could you look back on yesterdays post, Clifford was asking how to play.

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Will do Sandy, Thank you.

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Bingo Card 82

B 4, I 16, Free, G 53,  O 71


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CONGRATULATIONS convertiblegal55 This is a Good Bingo!

You are the 1st WINNER !

bingo%20trophy%20new.jpg WAY TO GO Sandy !

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