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TUES Aug 17th Our Bingo Game Continues

Hi Everyone , Cool this morning, but hot this afternoon.

Did get outside for a bit, my neighbor brought me over some peach cobbler, used the peaches from his own tree. it was very good.

Here are the numbers for today >

N-43  G-50  I-22  B-2  O-66

B-7  N-36  G-57  I-25  O-73

G-60  B-14  O-68

Good Luck, I'll be back soon, Jen 

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We had rain in spots today but it didn't rain at my house I got to mow my lawn..I got 3 more numbers today nothing to brag about.

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Good evening everyone. It is 75 right now in Fort Worth. It has been raining and it brought the temperatures down. It suppose to rain all day tomorrow, which is fine because then I don't have to water my lawn.

I am one number away from two wins, so I know someone out there in bingo land is closer than me. 

You all have a great night. 

Charonanne E Kading
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how do i play bingo

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Hi Clifford, Our's is a simple game, We start a new game every Monday.

I send each player 24 numbers that the place on a card they make, it looks

like this > scan0008.jpg You place the numbers on the card in the order given, under the proper number. Then you come to the Bingo forum

each day to get the daily number, I try to post at 5pm each day, you check your card, if you are a winner let us know in a post. We play all the regular games. When someone wins, I post a BONUS GAME, they can be different and fun to do. If you have more questions let be know. Jen

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Missing 2 numbers in a lot of places. I hope my bingo card is just doing its slo-mo dance for another day before it jumps into action.  🤞(crossed fingers)

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Wow I got a bunch of numbers tonight but still need two for a bingo. The replacement number last night raised my count from one to two, so my one had some company. Good luck everyone.

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