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Hi Everyone, Our rain continued last night and into the morning, I was sleeping when my daughter knocked on my door, I forgave her when I saw the doughnuts, I do love the raspberry bismarks !

Here are the numbers for today>


B-12  I-19  G-50  N-37  O-75


N-42  B-6  I-26  G-49  O-65


I-24  G-57  B-15


Good Luck, I'll be back in a bit, Jen


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I'm late but I have a bingo on card# 6

B-4, I-28, Free, G-57, O-62

Good luck everyone and stay safe.

Charonanne, maybe you need a gutter put up on that side.

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congrads sassilady

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This is a GOOD BINGO SassiLady !

CONGRATULATIONS , You are the 1st Winner !

Number One ! WinnerNumber One ! Winner


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Rain have finally stopped for now, I got some numbers but just not matching up for me.

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REACH!  😊 


Rainy  and 52 degrees today. I held my two month old grandson all day to stay warm 💖

My daffodils came up overnight! I hope is doesn't snow on them.




 My daffodils 2021.jpg

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I love daffodils, such a Happy yellow !

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Good evening everyone. I got a few more numbers tonight, but nothing looks promising.

Today was warm and some sun, but right now we have dark clouds, and I know the rain is coming, with possible hail.

I finally took care of an area of my garden where I have Wandering Jew growing, as last year it got so big and was taking over everything. I trimmed it back to almost nothing. I found you can't kill this plant.

I am trying to come up with idea what to do with my shrubs under my front window. When it rains the water coming off the roof takes all the soil from around the shrubs and I noticed the roots are starting to show. My house is on a slight incline, so every time I put something around the shrubs it washes out onto my lawn. I even tried putting big stones there, as I have so many, and this didn't work. In Texas you don't have to dig down too far before you are hitting shale and clay. I figure out something,

You take care and will see you tomorrow. Stay safe and healthy.

Charonanne E Kading
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Charonanne.  On protecting your shrubs under your front windows, either you don't have a rain guard or the rain is too much for your rain guard. Just a thought, since I can't really see your set up.


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Have you considered rainwater harvesting? A lot of people here in Tucson do it.

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”In Japan, a player will yell, ‘Reach’ when he/she is one space away from a Bingo.”

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Stretching to reach!  Almost there.  I need a few "bricks" to close the gap in a few places.

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