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Tues June 22nd WELCOME TO BINGO GAME 638

Hi Everyone, Well my right eye is much better today, had my follow appt. Dr says all is ok, I think I'm gonna make

Here are the numbers for tonight, plus some extra.


B-9  B-6  I-28  I-19  G-51  G-49\

N-41  N-34  O-63  O-70  B-2

B-12  I-25  N-38  G-57  O-67

I-22  N-45  O-72  G-46  B-4

G-53  O-68  I-17  B-14


Have Fun, I'll check back soon, Jen

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Great news Jen!

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Jen glad to hear everything is fine with your eyes, I got 7 numbers today.

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Glad you are doing fine Jen. I didn't have any problem when I had mine done either. Had them done three weeks apart.

I have a wait, the hard way on a five line. We had rain most of the day today.

We are getting ready for a visit from my daughter who will be arriving on Saturday, she will be here until the 8th of July. It's been two years so I am anxious to see her. Good luck everyone.

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25 numbers called today!!!! What a bonanza, but no cigar. 


It sounds like you are recovering very quickly.  It's amazing that you have your cataract surgeries with just a week apart.  My ophthalmologist makes all his patients wait for a month in between. 

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