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Mon June 21st About Mon Bingo

Hi Everyone, Not sure if I told everyone about my

2nd eye surgery today, I know I mentioned it in a comment, but not in my topic on Fri. My right eye was done this morning, this one I'm feeling, also wering off the anestesia, so resting now and we will play bingo tomorrow, sorry for the miss spelled words, gonna try and eat something now...see you all tomorrow, Jen

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Glad all is well.

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Yes ma'am. You rest as much as you need.

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take care  

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No problem at all Jen feel better and get rest, see you tomorrow.

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No problem Jen, thought perhaps you would be out of commission tonight. Take it easy and rest and we will see you tomorrow.

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Get as much rest as you can @jen43 🤗

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Take good care @jen43 . Return to Bingo only when you are ready.

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