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Hi Everyone, had some errands to run, so i'm late doing this,sorry.

Here are the numbers for tonight.

I - 26 - N 32 - G- 55 - O - 64 - B - 2 

N - 37 - B- 9 - I - 29 - B - 14 - O - 65

B - 1 - N - 40 - G - 52

Good Luck, I'll be back soon Jen .

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I missed yesterday Bingo because I found an old Gunsmoke episode, then a precious Bonanza episode on TV. After watching them cowboys, I got on the memory lane and gabbed with the man-of-the-house until the Macy's 4th of July show came on. 

With 2 sets of numbers today, you'd think I have a bingo.  Nope. Jen cleverly called the numbers needed by someone else!   Good luck.

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Yikes, only 3 more numbers tonight

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Wow even though we had a Tstorm today my card is experiencing a drought. Three last night and only one tonight.

Good luck everyone.

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I got 3 more numbers today and it's 🌧 where I'm at and according to the forecast we will be getting it all week.

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Good evening everyone. Today is was very hot in my part of Texas. I was at the library this morning and when I got into my car afterwards it said it was 107 inside my car. 

@SassiLady I read your post from Monday and didn't know you had issues with your heart. I also have heart issues but I have 46% of it working so it does get better. I had to wear a life vest about 9 years ago and hated it. I had to learn to sit up with pillows behind me when I went to bed or I didn't sleep. I hope your health issues get better. 

I have 3 areas that are one number away from winning which means someone is closer.

You all have a great remaining evening. Oh @jen43 I read and saw about the shooting at a parade yesterday in Illinois and wondered if it was anywhere close to you. 

Charonanne E Kading
Honored Social Butterfly

Charonanne, I am praying that it improves as it has me very tired. I wore a life vest four and a half years ago for three months and never had trouble sleeping with it, but this time, wow. It must be because I am older, lol.  

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