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Thurs May 20th We Continue with the Bonus Game

Hi Everyone, Well I do think Summer has arrived, 81 here today, but a little bit of a breeze, Thinking it's almost time for the AC, I have two fans going now and the drapes closed, so it's comfty.

Here are the numbers for today, and another look at the

Letter O card> letter-O.gif .

B-6  B-1  I-19  I-26  O-68

N-35  N-43  G-47  G-54

O-66  O-70  N-45  B-14

G-52  I-20  N-32

GOOD LUCK, I will be back soon, Jen

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I got a bit closer tonight but am hoping others will be even closer. We had a sunny/cloudy day that was not hot at all. I peeked at the weather and we are going to hit the mid 90's the beginning of the week. I think I will plan on staying home.

Good luck everyone.

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I'm prepared to take a deep breath of (no win) acceptance, even though I'm fairly close to the victory line. Who would ever think that the O game would be this hard ?!!


In recognition of AAPI (Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders) here's another gem of wisdom. It goes out to our young generation.

Life advice.jpg


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Good evening everyone. I am very close to winning, which means someone else is close also.

I got home late last night, so didn't get my Wednesday numbers until this morning.

The rain has gone for awhile, and now Jen like you I have sun and it is 79 right now, but I will not put on AC until later. I also have my fans going.

I read that we have a new member, welcome Christine. 

You all have a great day and stay safe and healthy and strong. 

Charonanne E Kading
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@prisonnurse06  Hi, Thank you for the welcome.  ---  Christine

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Good Luck everyone 😉

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@Anonymous  For you as well.   ---  Christine

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Lol @Rhymesometimes you know I do not have the head for bingo 🤣😂 Since I know you and Linda on the board, wanted to wish you guys (and others) good luck.

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@Anonymous Thank you.  I'm sure tomorrow there will be a lucky winner.  Christine

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I've been trying to stay dry all day raining off and on all day went to my Granddaughter graduation at the Elementary School and got soaked, I got a few more numbers today for the letter O.

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@ladyfox58  So sorry that the rain impacted your granddaughter's graduation.  In  Scottsdale, Arizona where I live, we've only had rain two days in the past year!  Would be happy to take some of yours 😄  Need four more for the "O".  Take care all,  see ya tomorrow.   ---  Christine

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