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Thurs Jan 20th Bonus Game Continues

Hi Everyone, it was a whopping big 6 degrees this morning, now it's 18.

Everyone who is going nuts with this crazy weather, hang in there, we have to get a break sometime!

Here are the numbers for tonight>

I-18 N-36 G-47 G-60 O-73

B-7 G-53 I-22 N-32 O-64

N-43 B-15 O-68 and O-62

GOOD LUCK, Gotta whip something up for supper, be  back soon,Jen.

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no luck here   17 degrees supposed to get lower next 10 days  Michigan  uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  lol

Honored Social Butterfly

I am down to three so will see what tomorrow brings. We had a lovely day and it actually made it to 75. Wait don't put that jacket in the closet as they are saying 59 tomforrow and 47 Saturday, then we will begin to warm up again. It's a roller coaster ride alright. Good luck everyone and stay warm.

Honored Social Butterfly

Right now it's 31degrees but the temp going down into the 20's later tonight... I need 3 more numbers for the Mini Full House.


no bingo for me but need 3 to bingo and 5 for a full card 😁

Bronze Conversationalist

We have a snow storm coming in tonight ❄️❄️❄️ Going to light our fire 🔥.


Stay toasty everyone!



Recognized Social Butterfly

Good evening everyone. It is 33 but feels like 23 because of the wind. 

I am on medication that makes me feel sleepy so I hope this post makes sense.

I got a few more numbers. See you all tomorrow. 

Charonanne E Kading
Social Butterfly

It was 10 this morning then snowed and finally got up to 24. I am ready to complain about having to mow the lawn. 😊 Got 1 number in the right place. Good luck to everyone and stay warm. ☀️

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Stay warm @jen43 !

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