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Thurs Dec 19th Welcome to the Bonus game

Hi Everyone, Sitting here in the spare room where my pc is, wishing I could type wearing The boys are coming tonight after work so maybe I will have heat soon..

convertiblegal was our winner last night, So we start the Bonus Game. We are playing >letter-O.gif  Letter G, remember you don't need the top or bottom corner space.


Here are your numbers>


O-62  O-70  B-1  B-14


I-22  I-18  N-31  N-39


G-54  G-58  O-74  G-35


Good Luck, I'll check back later, Jen

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Yay, I have heat, it's wonderful. I'm so thankful !
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Soooo happy to hear this, give those sons some extra goodies in their Christmas stockings. Along with some extra hugs.
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I sure hope you have a lot of numbers lined up for tomorrow as I still need six. Hmm that means I am only half way to the finish line.

Try and stay warm Jen and I am praying you get your heat back tonight.

Good luck everyone.

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Jen sorry to hear about your heating problems, but maybe by now you have heat.
Congrats to convertible gal for her win.
I saw my cardiologist today and my congested heart failure is back. I had problems in 2005 but it isn't as bad as it was back then, thank goodness. I am going to have a microchip put in and hopefully to will help.
It is very cold here, but next week we should have our warm weather back. You all stay warm and see you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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Jen I sure hope you gets your heat going tonight, got a couple numbers today.

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Fingers are crossed that all goes well this evening with the heat

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