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TUES Nov 26th Our Bingo Game Continues

Hi Everyone, Geeze I can't get used to it being so dark at 5pm.

Seems like the night goes on forever!

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-9  I-19  N-41  G-56  O-70

N-44  G-58  I-25  O-64  B-1

I-20  O-72  G-51  N-34  B-7


Good Luck, I'll check back later, Jen

Recognized Social Butterfly

The day started out cloudy and then very briefly there was sun, but it has been cloudy again, and rain is on the way and cold weather as well.
See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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Honored Social Butterfly

No bingo here yet either, just a wait.

We are having nice weather this last couple of weeks, mostly in the high 60's and a couple of days in the high 70's, now it looks like we will have a couple of warmer days again tomorrow and Thursday then back to the 60's again.

Good luck everyone.

Honored Social Butterfly

It's raining here did have a tornado watch out until 10:00 tonight but it seems to have cleared up now, got some numbers but no Bingo yet.

Regular Social Butterfly

2 days down. One more day left to hang my bingo hope on. I hope there are some lucky people who can claim the Bingo Trophy today.
Social Butterfly

Well our storm is here - a foot of snow so far - lots of places were closed this morning - driving was the pits - cold is setting in. Nothing exciting for me tonight.

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