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Mon Nov 25th Welcome to Bingo Game 556

Hi Everyone, How was your weekend? I've been doing some prep work for Thanksgiving, cleaning the house, doing what cooking  I can do early, Speaking of which, I'm taking Thurs and Fri off to be with family, not everyone can come on the same day..

Here are the numbers for tonight>


B-5  N-32  I-23  G-49  O-62


G-53  I-17  N-37  O-74  B-13


O-66  B-3  I-29  G-46  N-35


Good Luck, back in a bit to check, Jen

Honored Social Butterfly

Happy to hear you are taking those days off to be with your family you deserve it, got a few numbers today.

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We had our thanksgiving gathering last week, before my sister's family went to their house on the Big Island. The old man and I will be like wild turkeys and fly away on Thanksgiving day. Our kid families are discussing the idea of having Popeye's fix their gluttonous meal so everyone can kick back and enjoy football games on TV. It's their way of "pardoning the turkey".

The numbers don't stick very well (to my bingo card) today. There's always tomorrow.
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Oh Jen, that just perfect - enjoy the time with your family.  The winter storm they predicted is here for us snowing like crazy - 6-to 12 inches forecast - holy cow - stay safe all.

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I am glad that this will be a short week for Bingo, you need a break, and on those days I wouldn't be able to get my numbers, as I am like you can't do it all in one day.
I got some numbers, more than usual. See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
Honored Social Butterfly

Jen, that's great a couple of days off from bingo won't kill us, but I hope you don't have to cook a big meal both days.


Wow I wouldn't be surprised if someone yelled tonight. I am halfway there in about five different places.


Good luck everyone.

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