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Hi Everyone, The turkey is thawing, and the house is tidy.

I will be taking Thurs and Fri off, believe me we will need  that extra day

CALLING Extra numbers tonight and tomorrow night.



G-47  G-54  N-36  N-44

B-5  B-12  I-16  I-25

O-61  O-70  B-14  O-75

I-19-  N-34  G-49  O-66, and your Bonus # is G-53


Have fun, I'll be back soon, Jen


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Hi Jen, sorry about the late post, just getting in and checked and notice I have 4 corners on card # 98, B-5,12, O-61,75, thanks and see you'll tomorrow

Mary Riley
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Hi Jen, sorry about the late post, was working and just checking my numbers, I have bingo on card #98, 4 corners,5,12,61,75, thanks

Mary Riley
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Hi Jen, glad you are taking a break and enjoying your family.

I only got 2 numbers tonight but that's okay. I hope someone gets it.

We won't be having Thanksgiving until Saturday because my granddaughter has to work Thursday and Friday.

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Jen thanks for my numbers. I did good with the numbers tonight, and I have a feeling we will be playing a bonus round tomorrow. 

I like the idea that you are taking time off during this holiday. Have fun with your family.

See you all tomorrow. 

Charonanne E Kading
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You're still safe Jen, from my end of the game. Only a couple of numbers hold hands.  The rest still look suspiciously at one another with some spacing in between.

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Hi Jen, you have B - 14 twice, got some numbers and will wait and see what the new number will be. Ok sit back and enjoy your days off hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving 🦃

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I edited my post, it's I-19, this has not been my week, Thanks ladyfox58.

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