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Hi Everyone,Another summer day in our fair state.

Hot and humid !

Here are the numbers for tonight.

I-17  N-40  B-13  G-53  O-71

B-10  O-69  N-34  G-48  I-26

G-57  B-2  O-74

Good Luck, Back in a Bit, Jen


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I am waiting in four places. Hot and humid here also Jen. Tomorrow we will be dealing with Tropical Storm Elsa unless it gets to hurricane strength, but by tomorrow night we will hopefully to able to wave goodbye to her. Good luck everyone.

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Oh SassiLady, I hope Elsa is not visiting your area!  Lots of prayers sent your way. 

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A few more friendly numbers came by today, but none for the G column.


Our old apartment didn't come with built-in AC.  About four years ago we added the split system ac,  and it has been a boon for us.  Some of you might be surprised to hear that our thermostat is set at 78 degrees.  But , with the overhear fan, it feels very comfortable. The air coming out of the blower is free of humidity, and it gets to move around/be dispersed  by the fan.  There's not much difference in temperature between the outdoor and the indoor, so when we step out, we're not punishingly hot.  And our electric bill is not as high either. 

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Got some more numbers getting close but someone might be a little closer.

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A few more numbers were hits on my board tonight. What do they say about ‘slow and steady…’? Temperatures are ‘dipping’ into the 70s for us the rest of the week.

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Good evening everyone. Right now there are a lot of clouds that are very dark, and I hear thunder. The day started out sunny. 

I don't know if I posted this next information or not, but my son came yesterday and trimmed my shrubs, boy did they need it. I also conned him into taking down some branches from the trees in my backyard, they were touching the ground.

I got some numbers yesterday and today I missed a bingo by one number, which means someone out there in Bingo land will has a win.

You all take care and stay safe and healthy and strong. 

Charonanne E Kading
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