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Hi Everyone, Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

I listened to fireworks, and my neighbor's son sing on his front

Here are the numbers for tonight >


B-8  N-32  G-55  I-22  O-64

N-37  G-51  B-4  I-28  O-61

B-6  N-43  I-19

Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen

Silver Conversationalist

Just two numbers on my board tonight. Good thing it’s only Monday. The New York City fireworks display was amazing!

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On Sunday we watched the Capital July 4th celebration on PBS.  It's so good to see the Capitol Mall full of peace loving celebrants: families with young children, grandparents, teenagers....And no one was making any self aggrandizing or political speech.  For a moment, I was taken aback to my youth.....


Back to the present, my bingo card escaped the egg with one precious  hit!!!!!   Both the bingo card and I can use some humble pie after winning last week.

Honored Social Butterfly

Wow, we had a good weekend, rainy off and on but not enough to spoil things. The kids still got to go swimming when there was sunshine in the afternoon, and we had our own fireworks show Saturday night. Some of our neighbors had theirs on Sunday night, so it was quite noisy around here. Good luck everyone.

Honored Social Butterfly

The grandkids fired fireworks and we BBQ had a nice day. I got some numbers today.

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