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Hi Everyone, We had 4 WINNERS for last night's game, LindaB, Convertiblegal, miliannie, and Mary Riley.

Are you ready for the Bonus Game?

We are playing clover-leaf.gif 4 POSTAGE STAMPS

Here are the numbers for tonight, No N's in this Game.

B-3  B-13  I-21  I-30

G-53  G-60  O-69  O-74

B-7  I-24  G-49  G-56

O-63  and B-9

Good Luck, I'll "BOO" back soon, Jen


Either there is something wrong with my phone or I'm just lost. I do not see any way to play

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Welcome @CassieL800630 . Glad @miliannie  replied. Just now read this. Just be sure to allow Private Messaging in you account settings so @jen43 can contact you with a card. I have tried to message others when they ask and find they don't allow private messaging. 

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Our Bingo Lady @jen43  will send you a card sometimes on Sunday.  Keep it and play with it  all week long, after Jen called the daily numbers.  First, we play the straight bingo.  Once someone wins it, we play a Bonus bingo game of Jen's choice. You must come back to this tab to check the numbers and post your results. 

We all look forward of have you, @CassieL800630 playing bingo with us.

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@LindaB671 Wow woman! That was fast, congratulations a big coup on your part. Here I am wondering if I will make any progress tomorrow, and you have all four tonight. That's wonderful, bask in the limelight while you can. Good luck to everyone in the bonus, bonus game whatever it may be.

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Good evening everyone. Linda you go girl, congrats. I can remember this happening before. 

I had my booster shot and again I had the reaction. I had the headaches and felt cold all over, but no fever and stomach cramps. The headaches have ease a little, and the stomach cramps are gone, and I am not cold anymore. 

I will see you all tomorrow, for our Extra Bonus Game. Chow everyone.

Charonanne E Kading
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Thanks for the congrats all. @miliannie  It’s a secret!!

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Congratulations to yesterday winners 🎉 and Congrats to Linda on her win today 🎉 I got 2 numbers

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Congrats @LindaB671 another win, good going. Have a good weekend all if we don't have another game.

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My guess is that we'll probably go for a cover all, "vexed" Janet, for the final bonus game.

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Hi Vexed, we will play tomorrow, so join us, Jen.

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Thanks @jen43 

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@jen43  Bonus Bingo here on card #95. B-6,13,8,4; I-24,16,23,30; G-55,48,60,46; O-72,62,68,66. Good luck everyone.

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Holy Moly, Linda.  That's amazingly fast.  Hat's off (and slippahs too) to you. 

(Psst!  What did you whisper into the Bingo Fairy's ears?) 

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Boy Linda, That was a quick one,WTG !

celebration-balloons.jpg Celebrate YOUR WIN !

THIS IS A GOOD BINGO ! You are the 1st one to Yell B  I  N  G  O !

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