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THURS April 25th Welcome to our BONUS GAME

Hi Everyone, jonibee and Mary Riley were our winners last night, Congrats ladies, We start our Bonus Game> 4 postage stamps>clover-leaf.gif  No Ns in this one.

Here are your numbers>


O-75  B-10  I-20  G-56


B-6  I-17  G-57  O-61


I-22  G-51  O-64  I-28- Bonus #s  O-74  and  B-13


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen

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Hi Jen, soory, I haven,t been able to play this weeks game.  Been ill with the singles - boy are they the pits.  Will see you all next week.  Thanks Lynne

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So sorry lynnie, I've had the shingles, and they are terrible, good luck.
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Thank you, Jen, for the two extra numbers. I put one of them to work. Now I only have 6 vacancies left.
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Two for me tonight and still have six to go.

Good luck everyone.

Honored Social Butterfly

Congratulation to both of yesterday's winners 🎉 I only got 2 numbers and I did need both of them for the postage stamp.

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Congratulations to Mary Riley on her win on a regular bingo...Today was a very nice day weatherwise here in MA...I was able to do some yard work..Pulling out Spiderwort which is pretty but very invasive, some pruning of dead wood on the "Rhodie" bush and planted some tulips that I got over Easter....I benefited by fresh air and exercise....
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