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Mon March 8th Welcome To Bingo Game 623

Hi Everyone, It's a beautiful day , temps in the 60's, supposed to be like this all week, Yea ! Calling for rain on the weekend, but that's ok.

Things are greening up, my bulbs are shooting up, ah Spring, gotta love it !

Here are the numbers for today >


B-5  N-40  I-16  G-54  O-63


N-34  B-3  I-24  G-56  O-71


I-29  O-68  N-32

Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen. PS, It's too early for me to play in the dirt, but the time is coming !


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Good beginning today.  Thank you Jen.  Not close to any bingo.  But very hopeful.

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Good evening everyone. Today in Fort Worth it was sunny and comfortable. The air was a little nippy, but it was nice being outside with a T shirt. 

You all talking about the fried chicken makes me want some, but it is turkey and mash potatoes tonight. 

Well my family is finally getting their vaccine shot. My ex DIL got her's on Sunday morning and my DIL got her's Sunday evening. I get mine tomorrow Tuesday morning, and my youngest son gets his on Friday and his youngest son gets his Saturday. This means we can have Easter dinner with the whole family again. 

I got a few numbers tonight. You all take care and stay safe and healthy.

Charonanne E Kading
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Oh dear, talked to my daughter today and she said the snow was melting and maybe it was done for the winter. Foolish woman, when you live in NY and only a half hour from Canada your snow is not over yet. Then she said oh mom you jinxed us Jess just said we are going to have more snow tonight. I am still smiling. We have Krogers here but I don't know how far away as I haven't seen one yet. We go to Publix and they have good chicken, fried and rotisserie. I used to get a couple of their tenders for my lunch.

Well my bingo board has four numbers all over the place so hopefully tomorrow will bring some help.

Now I am off to dinner, yes it's late and it's take out, my dil just got home from a doctor appointment. 

Good luck everyone.

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Hello everyone,

Awe Sassi...great memories of getting a bucket of KFC on hot summer nights when the kids were little. It was a win-win, as they loved it and I didn’t have to cook! @jen43 I’m glad you get fried chicken at your deli. We often bring home a rotisserie one from Wegmans. Do you participate in AARPRewards? There are some offers for Kroger on there. It’s chilly, but Jen’s 60’s are heading our way this week; then it’s snow and 30 for the weekend. We won’t see bulbs for awhile yet. Three numbers for me tonight. Good luck everyone!


Honored Social Butterfly

My weather was similar to yours Jen a very pretty day. Got some numbers scattered all around the board.

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