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Hi Everyone, The March winds have started, but it was a warm 66 here today.

Here are the numbers for today >


G-46  B-10  I-20  N-37  O-61


N-42  B-13  G-51  I-27  O-74


B-7  N-45  O-66


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen

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Congratulations to the winners🎉

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First it looks like miliannie has a bingo, two of them and on a Tuesdfay, WOW!


Yes Charonanne, I had one about 13 years ago but was not totally asleep and it is the prep that is so bad, ugh. I guess I will just have to bite the bullet as they say or grin and bear it, not sure which but whatever works.

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Get out of the way everybody.  Here come TWO BINGO on card 102, a diagonal and 4 corners:


B13...........................   O63

......   I24

..............   Free

.........................   G54

B5..............................   O66


Woohoo!  🍾🥂

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WOW, way to go miliannie !


bingo%20trophy%20new.jpg YOU are our 1st WINNER !

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Good evening everyone. Today I got my first dose of Pfizer and my son Colin took me, and also took a picture of me getting it. It was at our new baseball stadium, and is it ever nice. The Texas Rangers haven't played in it yet, because of the virus, but I already told my son they he will be bringing me to a game this summer. 

SassiLady I have got colonoscopy years ago, and they put me to sleep, which is different when years ago when you were awake through the whole procedure. This is how they found my colon cancer, of which they got to in time. I think the prep time before the procedure is the worse, especially the liquid diet.

I got a few more number and as close as I am to a bingo, I know someone out there in bingo land will do better than me.

You take care and I will pop in tomorrow. Be safe and stay healthy.

Charonanne E Kading
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Wow great numbers tonight Jen, but I only got one of them. Hahaha.

Almost sorry I saw my primary today, good grief, ultra sound on left breast, MRI on neck (finally), blood work (regular), and she notified my gastro doctor to schedule my colonoscopy. I have been procrastinnating on this last one for too long I guess. LOL!  I made appts. for two and have to wait for two to call me and my ins. will have to okay the MRI.

Good luck everyone.

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