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Mon March 23rd Welcome to Bingo Game 573

Hi Everyone, Well our state is on shutdown, and my little town is very quiet, barely any traffic moving, those that can are working at home, kids are all staying inside, probably driving their parents nuts, or maybe not, quality time? maybe, anyway I'm hanging in there.

Here are your numbers for tonight>


B-6  I-22  N-45  G-54  O-66


N-31  G-52  I-16  B-2  O-73


O-68  B-13  N-35


Good Luck, I'll check back later, Jen

Regular Social Butterfly

3 good ones! More is needed, Jen.

I went to Walmart today to look for something for my handicraft. Our city will begin its lock-down at 4:30 pm today, and I wanted to get something special to repair an old dress that saw my older son's marriage in 2001. It's a beauty sewn in Indian-sourced Rayon. There are so many tiny fabric fatigued places that need to be covered. I can easily embroider little flowers on top of them but why do that if I can just attach some ribboned flowers to those tiny holes? I wore it recently to my nephew's wedding on March 14 and got so many compliments that I decide to keep it presentable for the next family wedding. Two of the granddaughters are 17 and 16. Much that I don't want any of my pretty young ladies get hitched soon, it's better to be prepared. Plus they all love this dress.
Tomorrow morning, we will be at Costco by 8:00 AM to take advantage of the Senior Only Shopping hour on Tuesday and Thursday in Honolulu. I'm very glad of this wonderful privilege. We've waited a long time to be recognized as "kupuna"; therefore, we will take advantage of this special treatment.
Honored Social Butterfly

It definitely is crazy but the only way they can try to contain it and keep new exposures to a minimum. Our schools have been closed as of Friday March 13th, at that time they said until after Easter but that could change. The mall and the parks are all closed. They are asking people to stay home and workers to work from home where it is possible. My son has been working from home since last Thursday. He does have to go in but does so very early before most people are there and only for a couple of hours. He has also been doing a lot of teleconferences from home.

He is mainly concerned about bringing something home to his wife and myself since with our auto-immune issues we are both a high risk. and my age doesn;t help any either. I did go out to the grocery store today, very light traffic and very few people in the store. Not surprising that the things they are out of are toilet paper and also tissues and paper towels. Prisonnurse, remember 2 to 14 days for symptoms to show up you are doing the right thing.


I had four numbers tonight. Good luck everyone and stay safe and healthy.


P.S. I did notice that there was no shortage of BEER. LOL!



Honored Social Butterfly

It started here at 5 PM and you can go to grocery store, pharmacy, gas station and restaurants for take out, doctor office but have to call first I'm not sure about the dollar stores. I did get 2 numbers so far.

Social Butterfly

Oh Jen - it's the same here. Only things that are open are grocery stores,gas station - all the liquor stores are closing tonight. People continue to shop for paper products or I should try - it's just craziness. Please take care everyone & stay well.

Recognized Social Butterfly

Well in our state of Texas, Dallas County is shut down, and you can get out for work and food. Where I live Tarrant County only partial shut down. The schools, colleges, and restaurants and churches. They have the early hour for seniors in groceries stores so that we can get some food before the hoaders get there.
My son who is a school teacher, and a band teacher now has classes online from 9-12 noon. He had all the students pick up their instruments last week, where they drove up to the high school and he walked out and handed the instruments with gloves and masked on. My grandsons who go to another high school, have something similar set up.
I feel sorry for my son's oldest because he is a senior this year, and may not get a prom or graduation. But his mother and father and his crazy grandmother are coming up with something for his prom and graduation, we are just waiting to see what happens.
My grandson turned 18 this weekend and some of his band students 10 which is what we are allowed in a group setting came. My exDIL had hand sanitizers at the door for them to use. We just served just cake and ice cream on paper plates and plastic spoons and styrofoam cups.
Coleman seemed to be pleased with what we did.
Only two numbers tonight. Stay safe and healthy and see you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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