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Tues March 24th Our Bingo Game Continues

Hi Everyone, Overcast all day, with a few showers off and on, temp remains cold, at least for me, seems the older I get, the colder I get ! lol

Here are the numbers for tonight>


G-57  O-62  B-8  N-38  I-19


B-4  N-41  G-48  I-26  O-68


I-28  B-10  O-70


Good Luck, I'll be back in a bit, Jen

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congrads winner
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It looks like we have a winner in Mary Riley, wtg woman.

I myself am glad of a long bonus game, closest I came is halfway, I guess that makes me an optomist.

We had a nice sunny 85 degree day and on the downside we had some humidity right along with it. Good luck everyone.

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You almost got the 100 score, Jen. Unfortunately, you let one number slip by, and it landed on my bingo card. Please do a better job at making sure that none escape tomorrow!😁

I told y'all about our shopping plan this morning, when Costco senior customers could shop for one hour (0800-0900) on Tuesday and Thursday without the rest of the crowd. It was a huge mistake! We snaked around the parking lot lanes, under the rain, standing in line for a good hour before we could get inside. We only waited an hour. The line began to form at 6:30 AM !!! When we got out at 9:15 AM, there was no crowd and plenty parking near the store. Lesson learned. Be at Costco by 9:15 AM on Senior Shopping mornings.
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We had a beautiful day - 65 degrees can you believe it - just wonderful. Have a good evening & stay well.

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The numbers I got tonight were the same amount I got last night, not many. Fort Worth is shelter in place, which means we can go out for groceries, gas, and medicine. They also indicate we could go out for walks, just stay 6 feet apart or go by yourself.
Tomorrow I am going to get some groceries very early.
Well must go getting hungry. Stay safe and healthy.
Charonanne E Kading
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Hi Jen I have bingo on card # 96, 13, 28, 38, 54, 70, thans and congrats to any other winners, see you tomorrow

Mary Riley
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bingo trophy new.jpgYOU ARE OUR 1st WINNER !

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Been having showers off and on here also, I got more numbers today than yesterday.

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