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Mon June 17th Welcome to Bingo Game 533

Hi Everyone, Has anybody tried to log on lately, why the heck is the log on on the Main Community Page, and when did all this stuff happen, the site is really messed up, used to be there was a Hi "MY NAME" when I loged in, now its not there, can't tell if Im logged on or not, Guess so since i,m posting, pages have to load twice...pain in my.....

Ok , Here are your numbers for tonight>


B-4  N-33  I-17  G-55  O-64


N-32  G-56  O-61  B-8  I-24


I-20  B-12  N-43


Good Luck, Maybe the messed up site is keeping people away, I was ready to throw in the towel Sunday...See ya later, Jen

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Every so often it makes me log on again or I can't post. Not necessary if all you want to do is read the other posts. Since I never sign off it drives me nuts when it does that. My name is showing up after the "Hi" though. Oh well maybe they will stop changing things when hell freezes over.


Three for me tonight and they need a lot of help.

Good luck everyone.

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(I bookmarked my page for easy comeback and I don't sign out. However, now and then I would need to sign in to AARP, or I can't post. Viewing is always trouble free.)

4 all over.
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miliannie and ladyfox, I don't sign out either, but I thought maybe I was having problems because I needed to sign on/log when I went to look for a place to do that it took me and I was already logged on, it only had the log off feature....and that was on the Main AARP page..but in the past there was always th "Hi " MY NAME" at the top of the page, that is no longer showing, so I of course thought I had to sign in/on... Crazy and the pages showing up, then dissapearing and showing up again...always have to wait...jen

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I didn't sign out Friday so I didn't have any problem,I wish they would just leave everything alone and stop changing stuff. I hope everyone else can get on here. I got 5 numbers today.

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