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Fri June 14th Bonus Game Finish

Hi Everyone,Here it is Friday again, the days go by quick.

Last night for the Bonus Game, Here are your numbers>


B-7  B-11  N-32  N-43  G-53


G-48  N-38  I-18  I-23  O-62


O-73  G-55  I-25  O-67


GOOD LUCK, I'll check back in a bit, Jen

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Day late but, nothing exciting to report.  Have a great weekend & see you all on Monday

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Please sign me up for the next game.

Have a wonderful weekend every one!


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So, yesterday I thought it was Friday. Today, my bingo card thought it was playing fill-the-last-three-rows.

No frame on this Friday. Please sign me up for the next game. Stay lucid everyone. I'll do the same. 🤣
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I still need two O's so no outside frame for me either.

Everyone have a great weekend. May all the fathers have a nice day Sunday.

We have a busy weekend, ours will be busy as great grandbaby's birthday is tomorrow, father's day on Sunday and DIL's birthday is Monday.

There oughta be a law against it, all these things coming at once.

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I got down to two I'm ready to take on next weeks game..Have a nice week end and enjoy what ever you may do....Please sign me up for next weeks game...
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No bingo for me. Well I had another problem leaving a post here, so I shut down my computer for 15 seconds and now everything is okay.
Please sign me up for the next game. Everyone have a great weekend. See you all on Monday.
Charonanne E Kading
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Well know Outside Frame for me, still need 2 numbers, Congratulations to whoever wins this one 🎉👍 Sign me up for the next game Jen, enjoy your weekend everyone!

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