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Mon Jan 20th Welcome To Bingo Game 564

Hi Everyone, Well it's bitterly cold here, and was spitting snow at one point today, random snowflakes, didn't last. think it got too

Here are your numbers for tonight>


N-34  I-23  B-5  O-62  G-57


B-14  G-46  I-18  N-41  O-71


G-54  B-7  N-31


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, it's Chicken and Dumplings for supper, how many of you have had this old fashioned dish?

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Hi everyone! I'm back, playing bingo with y'all this week.

Jen, I changed your "O57" to O67 on my bingo card. Is that correct? Or did you mean "O75" but typed "057".
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miliannie, Yes it's O-67, Thanks and sorry bout that!
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Oh I love chicken and dumplings. My mother made the best dumplings, fat fluffy and they looked just like clouds floating on top of the pot of gravy and chicken, pure comfort food on a cold night.

Ladyfox, chicken and dumplings from a can, That's a new one on me.

Okay enough of that I already ate enough tonight. Cold here today and going to be colder tomorrow, then I think they said it would start warming up a bit, probably take us from 50 to 80 in one day again. Our high was about 54 and it took until mid afternoon to get that high.


Good luck everyone.


Honored Social Butterfly

We been in the 30's all day, Jen I love chicken and dumplings and not from the can, old fashioned homemade. I got a few numbers today nothing to brag about though.

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Yes ladyfox58, Me too, I made a big pot of it yesterday, soo good.
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